Opens today at 5:00 pm

Traditional, yet modern

A new take on Southern cuisine.

Nostalgic Southern dishes, reimagined. We've created an exceptional menu and drink list to bring you our interpretation of the Southern cooking.

We set out to make some of the best food in the South.

Southern Goods is a restaurant, bar, and host to live music located on 19th street in the Houston Heights. Our menu is an interpretation of traditional meets modern Southern cuisine. Chef Lyle Bento, Chef de Cuisine J.D. Woodward and Sous Chef Patrick Feges have cultivated dishes that are familiar, yet new. As new avenues for Southern inspired plates present themselves, the menu changes. The portions are meant to be shared with the table, in true Southern fashion, or enjoyed alone as a personal dish. You’ll want to try everything on the table. Take a look at our menu and be sure to order one of our signature cocktails or a craft beer from one of our 24 taps.

Being located in the heart of the warm Houston Heights provides a homey and comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy a spot at our indoor/outdoor bar, the well lit indoor seating, or take a table on the covered patio. During live music events, we host musicians on the back porch.


Curated craft beers.

Our tap wall is curated by General Manager Ruben Zamarippa, who is constantly searching for new beers across every palette.  From light to dark, mild to hoppy, our beer list will have something you’ll want to try.  Take a look at our up-to-date beer list on our menu page that represents our current tap offerings.


The people behind Southern Goods.

We created Southern Goods to make something memorable. We wanted to take our ideas and our passion and turn it into a lasting experience that will shape the culinary landscape in Houston. We gathered an exceptional group of chefs and staff to bring this idea to life.

  • Executive Chef Lyle Bento

    Lyle is a chef with exceptional vision for the flavors of the dishes he creates with his team.  Formerly sous chef at Houston icon Underbelly, Lyle has honed his craft over the years.  Before opening Southern Goods he traveled to southern states to develop a palette and experiment with new ideas of what it means to cook southern food.  Choosing unique and carefully curated ingredients bring each dish on the menu to life.

  • Chef de Cuisine J.D. Woodward

    J.D. is an experienced chef with the resumé to match.  From well known Houston restaurants like Underbelly and Goro and Gun, J.D. has developed a unique pallet that comes across in the dishes that come out of the kitchen every day.

  • General Manager Ruben Zamarippa

    Ruben comes from a background of management and craft beer which made him perfect for the position.  His attitude and love for finding great beer for the tap wall help shape the Southern Goods experience.

  • Assistant General Manager Luis Gonzales

    Luis Gonzales is a military veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years. Upon leaving the military, he was offered a job at Big Star Bar where he discovered his next passion: the service industry. Luis most recently worked at Hay Merchant, where he became skilled in the service of craft beer. His enthusiasm for craft beer and service expertise make him a great fit in his role as the assistant general manager.

It's not just the leadership, it's the whole team.

Our staff takes great care to have a full understanding of our menu, wines, beers and cocktail offerings. From the wait staff and bartenders to all of the people behind the scenes, the team at Southern Goods will make sure your experience is memorable.